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Services & Rates

Experienced care for exotic pets, dogs, cats, & small critters.

Are you heading out of town or working long hours and need someone reliable and trustworthy to come to your home and care for your pets? Do you have unique pets that require special care? We are experienced in exotic pet care and are familiar with the subtle signs of illness exotic pets can display. Our all-inclusive Pet Sitting services will provide your pets and home the routine care and comfort they deserve while you are away.

Service Area: City of Ventura ~ 93001 ~ 93003 ~ 93004

In-Home Pet Care

Going out of town or working long hours? We will come to your home and make sure your pets and home are cared for at the highest standard. We are experienced in exotic pet care and know how to spot subtle signs of discomfort or illness. Please note: 20-minute visits are for cats and small critters only or midday potty-breaks. Dogs require a minimum of two 30-minute visits per full day you are away. Additional pet fee may apply.

Visits may include:​​

  • Water refresh, meals, medications

  • Time out of the cage (if desired)

  • Dog walk (daytime only) or potty break

  • Bring in mail & packages

  • Trash barrels in/out

  • Rotate blinds, lights

  • Light plant watering

  • Refresh cages & litter scooping


20-minute visit: $22

30-minute visit: $27

40-minute visit: $35

60-minute visit: $45

Dog Walking

A private neighborhood walk that provides the individual attention your dog needs! We can allot visit time for feeding, refreshing waters, and cuddle time if requested. Walks are scheduled between 9 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday, and availability is limited. A weekly schedule is recommended to reserve your dog's spot on our books, as we cannot guarantee availability for occasional or last-minute requests. All dog walks include a time-stamped mobile report card with a GPS-tracked route summary, photos, & visit notes!


15-minute visit: $20

30-minute visit: $25

45-minute visit: $35


We will do basic grooming for most pets, at your home. Add a grooming service to a pet-sit or dog walk, or schedule a visit just for grooming. Grooming can only be done if the pet allows us to with gentle, reasonable restraint. Pet owners may need to help in some cases if the pet is not compliant.

Grooming services we offer:​​

  • Pedicure: Nail trim & Dremel, paw pad shave

  • Beak polish

  • Brushing

  • Sanitary trim


Dog/cat/rabbit pedicure: $25

Large Dog pedicure: $30+

Parrot Pedicure: $25+

Parrot nails/beak/wings: $45+

Brushing: *Ask for pricing

Sanitary trim: *Ask for pricing

Important Info

Key Handling​ 

  • To get started with Pet Sitting or Dog Walking with Wild Things, we ask clients to set up a lockbox for us to access their keys during the Meet & Greet. We do not keep or store client keys on us or in the office.

  • Clients may provide their own or purchase one from us for a low price.

  • Alternatively, clients may forego a lock box if keyless entry is available, only for pet services where the owner is not out of town.


  • Dog Walks, Pet Visits, and other weekday services must be cancelled by 5:00pm one business day (Monday-Friday) before the service to avoid a full service charge.

  • Pet & House Sitting cancellations are non-refundable/creditable after the invoice due date. No refunds or credits will apply for late departure or early arrival home of the client.

  • Holiday Service cancellations do not receive a refund or credit for the deposit. Cancellations made with less than 1 week notice will be charged in full.

More Important Details

  • All new clients must create an account and store their information and pet care details in our online pet care portal.

  • A new client Meet & Greet is mandatory before beginning any service with us. 

  • We respond to client communications during our office hours of Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm.

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